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I Want to Learn More About ...

♦ Active living at Pinecrest Grove or Village   Call Dan at 815-734-4103
♦ Donating to Pinecrest   Call Jonathan at 815-734-4103 
♦ Having my wedding (or other event) at the Grove Community Center at Pinecrest   Call Ali at 815-734-2103
♦ Moving my loved one into Pinecrest Manor nursing home   Call social services at 815-734-4103
♦ Getting my physical therapy at Pinecrest Outpatient Clinic   Call outpatient therapy at 815-734-1459
♦ What kind of food my loved one would be eating at Pinecrest   Call Brenda at 815-734-4103 
Whether my loved one qualifies for aid and help with that paperwork   Call social services at 815-734-4103
♦ Help with my billings from Pinecrest   Call Kim at 815-734-4103 
Investing with Pinecrest   Call Jonathan at 815-734-4103 
Volunteering at Pinecrest   Call Janell at 815-734-4103 
Alzheimer’s care at Pinecrest   Call social services at 815-734-4103
♦ How to drive to Pinecrest   Call 815-734-4103
♦ How I can exercise my faith at Pinecrest   Call Chaplain Caldwell at 815-734-4103 
Fundraising events at Pinecrest   Call Amy at 815-734-4103 


414 S. Wesley Ave.
Mt. Morris, IL 61054


815-734-4103 (p)  815-734-7318 (f)

A receptionist is available to direct your call M-F from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, visitation is restricted. Please call us to check on the most current guidelines in place before coming to our facility. Thank you!

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