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How can you make a difference at Pinecrest Community?

Did you know that no one is ever asked to leave Pinecrest Community just because they have exhausted their personal financial resources? Because of this commitment, Pinecrest provides nearly $5000 per day in charitable care. In fiscal year 2018 that equated to $2.0 million in charitable care!

We cannot sustain this commitment without your generous contributions. There are many different ways to show your support for our charitable services. Click on the following links (or select them from the drop down menu) to discover how your investment in Pinecrest can help you fulfil your philanthropic passion, and how it helps us fulfill our mission goals.

To support residents who can no longer afford to cover their own expenses, give to the Good Samaritan Fund.

To help us reach our campaign goals for resident care, facilities improvements, and employee support, consider supporting our current financial campaign.

Not sure how best to support Pinecrest based on your current financial resources?  Contact our office for help with I.R.A. distributions, stock transfers, estate planning, charitable foundations, annuities, and larger cash gifts.

Interested in sharing your personal time with our residents? Register your interest as a Volunteer.

Annually, we publish a Wish List of items departments could use to better serve our residents (request your list at giving@pinecrestcommunity.org).


Here are a few additional ways that you can support Pinecrest:

If you're age 72 or older and have RMD (required minimum distributions) from an I.R.A., you can make a tax-free contribution directly to Pinecrest from that RMD. Check with your financial advisor about your requirements and the benefits of making your gift this way.

Have you included Pinecrest in your estate plans? If so, we would like to know that so that we can recognize you as a member of our Legacy Circle of the Century 2 Club. (tell us by emailing giving@pinecrestcommunity.org.) If not, consider changing your plans today to include Pinecrest as a beneficiary.

Name Pinecrest as a beneficiary on your life insurance policies.

Investigate the benefit of charitable trusts and charitable remainder trusts in helping you realize your philanthropic goals. 

Give a gift of appreciated stock to Pinecrest, saving yourself the tax burden.

No matter what financial approach you choose, we encourage you to work closely with a qualified financial advisor and tax accountant who can help you achieve your personal financial goals and support you in achieving your charitable commitments.

Thank you for your support and joining us in providing quality residential and health care services. We love our residents, and we know you do too!

To view our 501 (c) 3 status letter, click here.


414 S. Wesley Ave.
Mt. Morris, IL 61054


815-734-4103 (p)  815-734-7318 (f)


Visitors are welcome anytime at Pinecrest Community, but visits are preferred from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. because the main entrance doors are locked for safety reasons overnight. Please contact us if your visiting needs differ.

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