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Donate on Behalf of a Loved One

Pinecrest Community, legally known as Brethren Home, is a verified 501 (c) 3. To donate to Pinecrest, click the yellow Donate button below and use your credit card or PayPal account. Include any information for us in the "special instructions to seller" area.

To leave a memorial gift on behalf of a loved one, you will also click on the Donate button below. You may indicate the name of the person for whom you are giving the memorial on the second screen by entering their name in the "special instructions to seller" box. You may also designate your contribution in that box; many donors designate memorials to the Good Samaritan Fund. If you leave the gift undesignated it will go to Pinecrest's area of greatest need. We'll acknowledge your gift with a formal thank-you note and receipt through the USPS mail. The deceased person's family will also be notified of your gift.

Thank you for supporting the ministry of Pinecrest. If you have more questions or a problem with the process, contact us at giving@pinecrestcommunity.org or 815-734-4103.



414 S. Wesley Ave.
Mt. Morris, IL 61054


815-734-4103 (p)  815-734-7318 (f)

A receptionist is available to direct your call M-F from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, visitation is restricted. Please call us to check on the most current guidelines in place before coming to our facility. Thank you!

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